Fleet Tracking

Fleet Tracking solution helps vessel owners to keep track of their fleet of vessels in real-time and also helps to ensure that their vessels do not trespass any of the areas which are restricted or out-of-bound. Moreover, the historic travel data collected can be used for data analytics to get many useful insights for efficient fleet management. Weather charts with current weather and forecast helps in easier navigation.

Fleet Tracking provides,

  • Realtime location tracking of a fleet of vessels
  • Geofencing help to ensure no unintentional trespassing
  • Historical tracking data helps to ensure compliance and legality
  • Weather chart overlay helps the skipper to re-plan their course of action in case of adverse weather conditions
  • Data Analytics provides many useful insights for future planning

Key Benefits:

  • Helps to find the real-time location
  • Helps to prevent illegal trespassing
  • Helps to navigate in adverse weather
  • Helps in future travel plans with data analytics