Monitor your vessels for safety, efficiency and peace of mind

SIMPLYTRACK is an affordable location tracking solution that helps vessel owners to remotely track, monitor and control their fleet of commercial fishing vessels, merchant marine fleets or charter boats, leisure boats or yachts, in real-time and provides scheduled or on-demand update of the vessel’s exact location, time, speed and its course anywhere, anytime, around the clock.

SIMPLYTRACK solution is a client-server-based solution, with the tracking client embedded within the Mobile Satellite Service (MSS) user terminals, and a cloud based tracking server offering an intuitive graphical web interface to track the vessels in real-time. It can be accessed from anywhere with Internet access, be it via a laptop, PC or a smart mobile device.

Additionally, it includes a geo-fencing feature which lets you create multiple geo-fences of different shapes and sizes that provide alerts when a vessel enters or leaves a geo-fenced area, which is one of the key features helping to prevent unintentional trespassing in restricted areas or knowing when or if the vessel has been moved from its mooring, etc.

Further features include smart analysis of historic travel data collected which can be used for data analytics to provide useful insights to improve the fleet management efficiency. The graphical weather charts overlay with current weather and 72 hours of forecast on the map help in easier navigation.

Monitor Your Fleet On-The-Move. Real time live updates on the fleet movement with web-based monitoring for more efficient work planning and reporting.

Improve Operational Efficiency. Better route planning or re-planning and easier navigation especially when there is inclement weather with instant weather updates and chart overlays for both the current weather condition and the forecasted weather.

Geo-boundary Intelligence. Receive instant notification via email whenever a vessel approaches, enters and/or exits restricted, unsafe or undesirable areas.

Efficient Fleet Management. Smart analysis on historical trends including frequent travel routes, average speed, instances of speed limit violation, idle time, trespasses of restricted zone(s), to facilitate better business planning.