Autonomous Remote SCADA


IOTATM, an intelligent, programmable Machine to Machine (M2M) application enabler, is developed for use with its SABRE 1 BGAN Terminal. The SABRETM 1 BGAN Terminal in conjunction with the IOTA programmable accessory form an equipment suite uniquely suitable for SCADA applications. This suite of equipment can support unmanned SCADA applications in remote, hard-to-access or hazardous locations. The IOTATM is specially designed to both control the Addvalue SABRE 1 BGAN Terminal and to interface with various types of SCADA equipment. The IOTATM supports programming in WinCE. Thus users can easily craft software applications to run on the IOTA tailored for command and control of their particular SCADA equipment and the SABRETM 1 Terminal. The entire equipment suite – SABRETM 1, IOTA and the SCADA equipment itself - can then be remotely accessed from the user's headquarter via the Inmarsat BGAN network.



Inmarsat-4 Coverage Map