Addvalue to Introduce its Wideye™ iSavi™ for Smart Device Satellite Connectivity with Inmarsat’s New IsatHub Service at CommunicAsia2014

Singapore, 18 June 2014– Addvalue Technologies Ltd is pleased to announce that its wholly-owned subsidiary, Addvalue Innovation Pte Ltd, the leader in wireless and broadband mobile satellite communications product innovations, will be previewing the much anticipated WideyeiSavifor Smart Device Satellite Connectivity at this year’s CommunicAsia trade show in Singapore.

When commercially launched in August, IsatHub – Inmarsat’s smart device connectivity service - will be accessible via the iSavi. The iSavi has a standard IP data rate of up to 240/384kbps send/receive, which is many times faster when compared to similar products currently offered by other mobile satellite service providers.

The iSavi globally extends your smartphone, tablet or laptop connectivity needs via Inmarsat’s IsatHub service, enabling users to talk, text and access the internet , while preserving all of the functions, contacts, apps and other important information you are used to on your smart device(s), no matter where you roam.

The iSavi is lightweight, highly portable and quick and easy to set up with no technical expertise or training needed.  The power consumption is low and the battery can be recharged with the included AC/DC adapter or optional car charger or solar power.  Simply point the iSavi towards one of Inmarsat’s global constellation of I-4 to access IsatHub. Pointing assistance is delivered via the intuitive pointing lights on the terminal along with a Control app downloaded onto your smart device, which offers other administrative features to manage service connectivity.  The Inmarsat-4 3G satellite network provides global coverage meaning you can take the iSavi anywhere to seamlessly use your smart device. Once connected, the iSavi will become a Wi-Fi access point for any authorized smart devices within 30 meters (100 feet).

Because IsatHub is delivered over Inmarsat’s 3G network, your device can use its high-quality dedicated voice line to send and receive voice calls as well as text messages, even if your device is only Wi-Fi enabled. With international numbers provided by Inmarsat’s IsatHub service there will be no roaming charges, therefore, the cost of using the iSavi can be significantly less than using your 3G/4G mobile phone or tablet when roaming away from your home area.

“Addvalue is a long-standing partner of Inmarsat and today’s announcement of a brand new Satellite Terminal, called the iSavi, represents an expansion of this partnership,” said Ronald Spithout, President, Inmarsat Enterprise. “Addvalue has a proven history of manufacturing highly reliable terminals, supporting a range of Inmarsat services and we are pleased to have them join us as we prepare to unveil the IsatHub service with the iSavi terminal.”

IsatHub is Inmarsat’s new voice, SMS text and data satellite service designed specifically for a range of users including outdoor recreation, oil & gas exploration, NGO, media, emergency response, and the international business traveler.

Commenting on the iSavi terminal development, Dr. Colin Chan, Chairman & CEO of Addvalue, said: “We are extremely excited to be appointed by Inmarsat as the  Manufacturing Partner for Inmarsat’s new IsatHub Service as this epitomizes the importance of our strategic partnership to develop innovative products and solutions for new market opportunities."

The iSavi is designed with a built-in firewall for added security and has no wires or connection ports.  It is accessed wirelessly from up to 30 meters away via your smartphone, tablet or laptop through the IsatHub Control and Voice Apps downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play store. The Voice App enables you to use your smartphone to make and receive voice calls via IsatHub’s dedicated high-quality voice line, as well as supporting large SMS text messages, including multipart or segmented SMS messaging. Multiple users can simultaneously be checking their email or browsing the web at the same time.


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Addvalue Innovation Pte Ltd, a wholly-owned subsidiary of SGX Mainboard-listed Addvalue Technologies Ltd (A31), is a leading one-stop digital, wireless and broadband communications technology products innovator, which provides state-of-the-art satellite-based communication terminals and solutions for a variety of voice and IP based data applications.

Addvalue is presently a leading global developer and supplier of mobile satellite terminals supporting coverage provided by premier mobile satellite communication operators. These terminals are ideal choices for communications in areas around the world where terrestrial networks are non-existent, or ineffective. This is particularly so for maritime communications, which rely almost entirely on satellite communication which Addvalue’s marine products are well suited to address.


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Inmarsat plc is the leading provider of global mobile satellite communications services. Since 1979, Inmarsat has been providing reliable voice and high-speed data communications to governments, enterprises and other organizations, with a range of services that can be used on land, at sea or in the air. Inmarsat employs around 1,600 staff in more than 60 locations around the world, with a presence in the major ports and centres of commerce on every continent. Inmarsat is listed on the London Stock Exchange (LSE:ISAT.L).


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