FB150 deployed on leisure yacht

"Today, I am on the boat and am playing with my newest toy, the "SKIPPER™ 150" Inmarsat FleetBroadband Internet terminal. As you can see in the photos, I am downloading iTunes from the Apple web site and have the Panbo web site open on my mini notebook……”



“The Skipper amazes me. I have had satellite phones on board Bremer Speck for probably 6-7 years. The kind most other cruisers have, i.e. Iridium and Globalstar…. “

“I am typing away on my notebook, connected to my on-board WiFi network, editing this blog post live on Blogger, uploading 3 photos of about 4MB in total, while the download on the primary PC has pulled down 60MB of about 74MB during the past 40 minutes. Me thinks.. The "SKIPPER™ 150" is a winner!


Above is extracted from blog entry from Bremer Speck - 11 July 2009