New handset available from December 2010

Addvalue is pleased to introduce the new Wideye Corded Caller ID LCD Handset (SB1/AH200). The new handset will be available in the market from December 2010, and will be replacing the current Corded Handset (SB1/AH100) as part of the standard accessories for SABRE™ I BGAN terminal.


The new handset comes with a large LCD screen that can display incoming callers’ numbers, and a LED indicator that will alert users on incoming calls. It also comes with built in memories that can store up to 30 incoming callers’ number.

SABRE™ I firmware that supports the new handset will be announced in the Inmarsat website and will be available for download in December 2010. 

New features of the handset include: 

  1. Large liquid crystal display
    • 3 line LCD display
    • 13 digits display for number
    • 11 character dot matrix display for name
  2. Caller ID Message memories
    • The Caller ID handset can store up to 30 incoming callers’ number, with each memory allowing 16 digits number.
  3. Low battery indication
    • A low battery indicator will be displayed when the battery is running low.
  4. Call counter/ New call counter
    • The Phone will display the accumulated incoming calls and the numbers of new calls
  5. Incoming call LED indicator
    • LED indicator will flash every 2 seconds if there is new call/ new message awaiting user’s response.