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The new Wideye™ FX line consists of a complete suite of FleetBroadband products with the FX 500 being the first to enter the market, followed by the FX 250 and the FX 150. These products will include a comprehensive range of advanced user terminal features including Wi-Fi for the FX 500 and the FX 250

In the midst of high seas, SKIPPER™ 150 FleetBroadband terminals provide reliable communication, position reporting and navigational updates critical to the maritime industry. FleetBroadband is the maritime communications service by Inmarsat. It is to provide cost-effective broadband data and voice, simultaneously, through a compact antenna on a global basis.

Another maritime satellite terminal is the SEAGULL 5000 which operates on the satellite network of Thuraya. It is a cost effective communication solution targeting cost sensitive users who predominately require only voice and low data services. It is specially designed for reliable performance in the harsh maritime or land environment. It is ideally suited for the fishery industry in the Asia Pacific and Australia regions.


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